Our Four Step Process

First, we arrange a Design Consultation. What do you hope to achieve? How would you like to use the space?

Then, we prepare a Site Analysis & Base Map. What is the existing lay of the land? What are potential challenges or obstacles?

After this, we design Concepts & Ideas to consider. What’s possible? What’s probable? What’s best?

Finally, after review and revision, we offer you Final Design & Pricing to propose how we achieve the goals developed through the design process.


Every Step of the Way

A well designed project lays the groundwork for a trouble-free construction experience. Our owner, Justin, will welcome you through our strategy for each step to ensure the project meets your expectations. Every member of our team prioritizes effective communication and project management. We work efficiently, keep clean and stay organized to complete our work with attention to detail and proper technique. From the first day of layout to final touch up, we believe your construction experience should be as rewarding as when you ultimately enjoy the space.


Planting and Masonry Materials

Exceptional Materials, Natural Inspiration

Experienced garden design provides both year round beauty and utility while ensuring each plant can flourish. Trees, shrubs, and perennials don’t just increase the value of your property, they invite you outdoors and bring your landscape—and local ecosystem—to life. Features such as boulders and stepping stones provide the convenience we long for while still feeling organic and beautiful. Locally quarried selections like Pennsylvania Bluestone and Argillite are long-lasting and widely envied building products formed below our own feet. Natural stone selections combined with the soft lines and hues of native plant installations mixes order and organic in the balance we crave.